Hello, my name is Tessa Thewes.

I am a wedding photographer based out of the rad little community that is South O aka Oceanside, Ca. More importantly I am a person who loves to go swimming in the ocean with friends for hours at a time, listening to Jorja Smith on repeat, switching between the same 3 hats, watching old vine compilations every night before I go to sleep, and every season of Bachelors in Paradise (you know you love it), playing really long (REALLY LONG) intricate board games with my boyfriend and drinking way too much Dr. Pepper. The way to my heart is funny cat videos and carne asada fries. I am 8 years deep with my best friend and he is the most beautiful human being, who happens to be the best second shooter a girl could ask for. Together we travel and shoot incredible couples.


I am always myself, whether i am with a life long friend or we just met. I do not shy away from sharing every aspect of my life and who I am, including my relationship, my fears and the fact that I still put cut up hot dog slices in my mac and cheese.