Fiercely in-love soon to be parents / Angie & Ray


I am not one to usually shoot maternity photos and post them. I thrive off being a wedding photographer but damn, when two people look this good I HAVE to share it.

Angie and I were trying to find the perfect place to photograph their maternity photos. Living, literally walking distance from the beach it becomes a default to shoot there. We wanted something different for these two. Angie suggested the lagoon in Carlsbad and holy heck am I happy with her choice.

It was funny, I got there early, scoping the place out and another photographer was there shooting a family. Angie and ray pulled up and Angie gave me the most sarcastic look of, “what, wanna fight?” towards the “competition”. haha. I do not know why I found that so funny, but I laughed.


We started shooting and OMG these two are so fun. We were laughing and playing. They were pretending to push each other into the cacti, I actually stepped on a cactus (I call that dedication), to making plans about getting dinner soon. I don’t know if you know this, but after our session we are basically best friends. haha.

Angie & Ray are two amazing people and I am not just saying that. Angie is the most honest and genuine person, while Ray is the most sarcastic yet warm hearted person. I cannot wait to watch you two kick ass at being parents.