"You Feel Like Home" / Kenzie & River


I honestly do not even know how I get so lucky with my clients. Like, these two love birds are seriously my ideal clients. First off, their names are freaking badass… RIVER and KENZIE… and they are wearing band shirts. ahhhh!

I showed up at their adorable and quirky little place. Look at how many vintage vibes their home is giving off, my heart was happy, but my eyes were in heaven.


I immediately was like, “okay guys I am going to need you to trust me, but we are not using any of your furniture like you normally would.” haha. I had them on the floor, feet on the couch and intertwining their arms together, but look at how cute they are!!!

I approach every session as a completely new one because THEY ARE NEW! Each session is its own and based around who my couples are. These two are young, artsy and crazy in love, so that is how our shoot went. We went from playing superman in the living room to dancing in the kitchen. This is hands down one of my favorite sessions and the reason I ALWAYS encourage in home sessions.

Tessa ThewesComment