Young and in love / Coronado Island, Ca


You know how I said my last wedding was my last wedding of the year, well I lied. This one is my last wedding of 2018 and I am SOOO happy!

Today I photographed Brook and Dan’s Coronado elopement and my heart can’t handle it!

First of all, I need to tell you that this was my first time to Coronado AND it was literally the most peaceful and beautiful place I’ve been. Plus the bridge was fun to drive over.

Okay okay back to Dan and Brook! Two of the sweetest people. I know I say that a lot, maybe I’m just lucky but look at them. They could do freaking squats and make it look pretty as hell! I’m so happy to end my wedding season with these babes 🙌


Those damn first looks get me EVERY TIME!

Like he’s crying, she’s crying AND you for a fact I’m crying.

It’s the intimate moments during weddings that I feel are so special.

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