Cristina & Andrew // Temecula, Ca

Cristina + Andrew are two people who are so incredibly in love. The way Andrew looks at Cristina takes my breathe away every time. Their wedding day was so absolutely beautiful, I mean look at the brides hair, I just CAN'T STOP LOOKING! 

One of my favorite moments was the cake cutting because you can tell exactly when the groom regretted slamming a piece of cake in his brides face. But it was all fun and games, the bride has a great sense of humor. 

Anna & Hunter // San Diego, Ca

Anna & Hunter's wedding was EVERYTHING! Them, their family and friends were all so kind with a huge boost of fun energy. I literally felt like I was part of their family the entire night. 

My favorite part of this wedding were the toasts, because everything their friends and family had to say about them was completely true. Anna was pure and warm the moment I met her and hunter was kind with a hint of sarcasm. I cannot wait to watch their marriage grow, together. 

Kassy & AJ // Oceanside, Ca

I honestly do not even know where to start with these two love birds. I was so excited for this couples session. I got to the shoot location early, so I called my mom and went on and on about how rad this couple is and I cant wait to post the photos I had not yet shot. You thought Donna from that 70's show was a babe, just you wait..or scroll down and take a look for your self. 

They were also the sweetest couple. We walked around with me as I made them pose in front of EVERYTHING. They were even going to walk me back to my car because the sun was going down.

Fun fact: I met Kassy through instagram and some how they both know my cousin (who grew up in Rhode Island and now lives in Washignton) and his girlfriend. WHATTTT??? Small world. Ignore my blabbering and ENJOY!!!

Christy & Andy // Apache Junction, Az

We drove out to Arizona early Thursday morning to photograph this wedding in the evening the same day. Traveling and shooting with Ty was amazing. This wedding was stunning and the photographs are 100% proof of that! I am so in love with this wedding and Christy & Andy. 

This wedding was my first wedding of the year and Its a great way to kick off wedding season. There was a first look with dad that brought even me to tears. There was laughing and lifting and spinning. There was getting low and bring it back up. There was a whole group of wonderful people supporting two newlyweds and my heart is happy.